The 5 most Beautiful Next Table Lamps

Lamps have been a part of human culture for centuries with the first lamp-like inventions dating back to 70,000 B.C. These tools were usually created out of stone and powered by some combustible material to light the way. In those times a lamp was a tool used not only to see better but to avoid dangers lurking nearby. Today of course we aren’t looking for venomous snakes with our night lamps. No, the use of lamps has dramatically evolved. Now a piece of luxury that not only brightens our homes but adds a sense of warmth and vibrance.  

Today we will be presenting such Next Table lamps; beautiful pieces of work that add that extra touch anywhere in your home or office. Without further ado let’s jump into some table lamps! 

The best Next Table Lamps

Kit Touch Table Lamp

Starting off our list is the Kit Touch Table Lamp for its simplicity, yet elegance. The lamp is composed of a round metallic body and a complimenting fabric shade. 

It stands at 32cm tall with a diameter of 18.5cm making it perfect for almost any spot. As well, the lamp comes in 4 different colors: charcoal, light grey, rose gold, and white. With all these options it’s sure to complement the section of home you decide to settle her in.

Now a bulb is not included, and it’s recommended you use an SES Candle 4W LED bulb 1pk 136-034 or 5pk 156-103.

Pros and Benefits 

  • Inexpensive. 
  • Variety of color.
  • Size that suits. 
  • Touch-sensitive.

Isla Ombre Table Lamp

Up next on our list is this delicate ombre glass lamp infused with a crackle pattern and topped off with a beautiful fabric shade. The body consists of 80% glass and 20% polyester. A beautiful addition to a modern looking home and at a relatively low price who wouldn’t want it! 

It measures in at 34.5cm in height and 18cm in diameter. 

A Bulb is not included, and it’s recommended you use an SES Candle 4W LED bulb 1pk 136-034 or 5pk 156-103.

Pros and Benefits

  • Glass finish. 
  • Inexpensive.
  • Perfect for a modern look.

Barnaby Bear Table Lamp

Here we have something for the kiddies. A cute little bear with a wood-like finish perfect for your child’s room. I can picture the lamp just as well settling into say a cozy log cabin or any naturistic environment!

The bear lamp stands at 37cm tall and with a diameter of 24cm. A loveable little guy to watch over the loveable little ones.  

The bear itself is made of resin, making up 60% of the total lamp. The small piece of metal atop his head makes 10% of the lamp. Finally, the textile lampshade makes up the remaining 30%. Altogether a wonderful combination. 

Light bulbs are not included, but I’d personally recommend going with something warmer to enhance the cute-childlike spirit of this lamp! 

Pros and Benefits 

  • Perfect for children. 
  • An animal lover favorite. 
  • Cute and friendly design.

Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Lamp 

Have you ever been awoken by a horrendous blaring alarm? The type of noise that makes you jump in fear of the coming air raid? I guarantee you this wonderful two-in-one lamp will not wake you leaving you with a pounding heart. The semi-sphere like design boasts a luminescent light part on top and a handy clock dial on the bottom. The product reproduces what it’s like to wake up gradually to natural sun rays. Simply select a wake-up time and the clock will gradually begin to light up until reaching full illumination to lightly wake you from sleep. I’m sure this lamp will have you feeling like it’s 11 Am on a Sunday morning. 

The body is 100% plastic. 

Pros and Benefits

  • Two-in-one system.  
  • Gradual and soft awakening. 
  • Multiple illumination settings.

Lumie Bedbug Night Light

In addition to the previous entry on this list comes the Lumie Bedbug. It’s Lumie’s version for your child! Unlike the Lumie Bodyclock, this lamp will help those using it to gradually fall asleep. The lamp has a feature that slowly reduces the illumination of light helping the feeling of sleepiness. Some children prefer to have a light on while they sleep or all completely off. With this product, you can decide.

This product is100% plastic.

Pros and Benefits

  • Child oriented.
  • Aids sleep.
  • Night light.

Sculptural LED Touch Table Lamp

If you’re in search of something a little more abstract, we’ve got you covered. This elegant lamp combines metal that’s been molded into a curl-like design, with powerful LED lights. 

The lamp stands at a height of 44cm and a diameter of 18cm. The body is 90% metal with 10% plastic. 

Sculptural LED Touch Lamp comes with 3 stages of brightness. It consumes 12W,  producing 420 lumens of warm light.

It guarantees you a 5-year battery life if used 10 hours a day. The majority of people won’t have it on this long ensuring you an even longer life span. This bulb as well is up to 10 times more efficient than your typical halogen bulb. Beautiful and practical.  

Pros and Benefits

  • Abstract design. 
  • Long-lasting life.
  • Touch-sensitive.

Anglepoise 75 Jet Black Mini Desk Lamp 

Now, this is no ordinary lamp. In the world of lamps, you could classify this one as a premium designer lamp. If you are looking for a lamp of utmost quality and design this is for you. Of course with that quality comes a high cost, as this one is up there! 

Standing at a height of 40cm and a width of 12cm it’s the perfect lamp for an expensive-looking office or specific home. 

The body consists of 68% cast iron, 20% aluminum, 8% steel, 2% copper, and 2% plastic.

Pros and Benefits

  • Quality material. 
  • The perfect look for an office. 
  • Premium.

Conclusion – The best Next Table Lamps

So today we’ve covered an extensive list of amazing night lamps. From inexpensive yet beautiful lamps to more premium expensive lamps. As well, we threw in a couple of interesting ones to keep you on your toes. We hope this guide gave you an idea for your home and by now you are browsing the wide selection yourself! Soon your home will have an additional dash of beauty. 

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