My Favorite Asos Leggings

Leggings are back in style in 2020 and we are here for it. What was considered as a major fashion faux pas in previous years is now adored by most. Worn either as activewear or as loungewear for those days you just want to stay cozy at home or worn as a trouser. If you are looking for comfort, durability, and affordability then Asos leggings are your best bet. Below is a compilation of 5 of my favorite asos leggings.

1. Under Armour Crop ankle leggings

Feel good and look good during your workout sessions with these Asos leggings. They are specifically designed for athletes. Especially those who engage in high-intensity workouts. They are made from polyester and elastane making them smooth on the inside to minimize friction. Under Armour leggings are super stretchy, with a four-way stretch which allows you more freedom during a workout such as when doing squats. They provide strong muscle hold with their strong compression fit which ensures that they do not slip off the body.

Thanks to their sleek exterior and the use of the Heat Gear technology that is exclusive for Under Armour. These leggings help to keep the body dry throughout the workout and keep you cool in hot weather.

Despite them being workout leggings, their design is to die for. These asos leggings are high rise with a soft elastic waistband that helps flatter your shape as well as offer your skin protection. They are cropped ankle leggings with a bodycon fit. This look is flattering to anybody.

Even more convenient, the leggings have a pocket in the back of the waistband to help you safely carry your phone, keys, or some money. The Under Armour asos leggings come in a variety of solid colors with an Under Armour logo to help meet the preference of buyers.

2. Asos 4505 leggings

Asos is a reputable brand when it comes to fashion and inclusivity. Since the launch of their activewear in 2018, the asos leggings have become a preference to many leggings lovers. This is probably due to their inclusivity; their prices are affordable, have a variety of designs and they come in different sizes.

Initially, the leggings were designed to be worn as a base layer hence they did not focus much on the aesthetics of the leggings. They were prone to slipping off during a workout. However, with time, the design of the leggings evolved for the better.

These pair of athleisure trendy asos leggings are guaranteed to make you forget about your favorite pair of jeans for a while. Whether you are working out, lounging or running errands, these leggings will provide you with the comfort you so desire. Better yet, these leggings come in a variety of fun prints and an array of solid colors that reflects some personality.

The asos 4505 design is made from a blend of either cotton or polyester and elastane that makes them light weighted, soft, and stretchy. These seamless leggings are made to fit, high waisted and with a wide elastic waistband that makes the leggings comfortable to work out in. The leggings have a body-con fit, are squat proof, and slip-proof.

3. Adidas Three Stripes

The Adidas three stripes leggings are no stranger to leggings lovers. With their trendy and sporty design, these asos leggings are the ideal athleisure fit. They also have got to be the most versatile pair of leggings. Whether you are working out, running errands, going to class, or just chilling, this pair will provide you with the comfort you desire.

The overall design of these leggings was built to flatter the body.  The leggings have three stripes which have been a trademark for Adidas since its inception. These stripes help give shape to the body giving an illusion of a long and lean silhouette. The leggings have been made from a blend of cotton and elastane which provide a soft feel to the body while at the same time providing enough stretch to ensure you feel comfortable and free.

 A likable feature on these pair of asos leggings is the stretchy elastic waistband. This helps provide a comfortable fit around the waist while ensuring that the leggings do not slip off.


4. Puma Seamless Leggings

Puma has continued being a world-class leader in the field of athleisure wear. With their continued production of trendy and comfortable wear, the brand remains to be a favorite among many. Of particular interest is the Puma asos leggings that are exclusive for Asos.

The leggings come in a variety of fun colors such as pink, peach, and purple. However, the classic black remains to be the most popular choice. These Puma exclusive come as a set complete with a sports bra and a pair of seamless leggings.

These Puma leggings are made from a blend of nylon and elastane. This makes the leggings have a smooth feel to the body. The elastane gives it a stretchy feel hence making the leggings comfortable to work out in.

Puma asos leggings are made with a sleek seamless design making them an ideal and comfortable substitution for the regular pair of jeans. The design includes a body con fit which helps shape the body and offers support to muscles. These leggings are high waisted with an elastic band which makes it comfortable when working out, relaxing, or running errands. They are durable, do not fade or stretch when washed.

5. New Look Wet Look Leggings

 Since the launch of this brand, they have continually been known to produce classy high-end streetwear. Their pair of wet look asos leggings is not an exception to this. These leggings are to be adored. With their comfortable and trendy design, they come in handy as a perfect substitute for jeans for casual wear.

These pair of leggings are the ideal pair for a minimalist wardrobe. Paired with a basic tee, sneakers, or a pair of heels, these leggings make for perfect casual streetwear. The New Look Wet look leggings are made from a blend of polyester and elastane giving them a smooth feel that is comfortable to the skin.

They are also a bit stretchy making the leggings have a skinny fit that gives the body a structured shape. Like many other asos leggings, these new-look leggings are high waisted and low cut. They also have an elastic waistband that makes them comfortable to be in.

Unlike other asos leggings, this pair comes in only one solid color; the classic black in a variety of sizes. These leggings are durable and do not stretch when washed. Their wet look finish makes these new-look asos leggings look like leather pants which is a great alternative from actual leather.


Unlike tights, leggings are comfortable, durable, and stay in place. They are now being made to be more comfortable and trendy. This makes them the ideal wear either as workout pieces or as trendy and classy casual wear.

You can never have enough leggings with a wide range of colors, prints, and designs that they come in.

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